The Lincoln Portrait Bust
A Remarkable National Treasure

Mount Rushmore in South Dakota is not the only spot that you will find a bust of Abraham Lincoln by its sculptor, Gutzon Borglum. Even more life-like than the likeness of Abraham Lincoln on Rushmore is Borglum's 1908 work, the Lincoln Portrait Bust, a bronze pedestal sculpture that Abraham Lincoln's son, Robert, called "the most extraordinarily good sculpture of my father I have ever seen."

In 1908, the great American sculptor Gutzon Borglum created a masterpiece.  It is called The Lincoln Portrait Bust. It is widely recognized as the most life-like portrait ever done of this great American President, and remains one of our nation's most treasured works of art.  It is on display in the crypt at the center of the Capital building in Washington DC. 

In honor of the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth, a limited edition of 35 bronzes of the Lincoln Portrait is being made available to collectors and Lincoln enthusiasts around the world.