The Lincoln Portrait Bust

The Lincoln Portrait is one of the greatest presidental portraits ever done. To this day, it remains one of America's most treasured works of art. Created by the renowned American sculptor Gutzon Borglum, the artist who created Mount Rushmore, it is considered to be the most realistic portrait of Abraham Lincoln ever created.

Borglum's great achievement with The Lincoln Portrait was that he was able to convey the very essence of Lincoln's character and soul.You will find written in this face literally all the complexity of his great nature said Borglum after creating the unforgettable bust. Upon seeing the bust of his beloved father Robert T. Lincoln commented, "It is the most extraordinary portrait of my father I have ever seen and it impressed me deeply as a work of art which speaks for itself in the most wonderful way.

The Lincoln Portrait is an artistic and historical masterpiece. It allows us to experience the emotional depth of Lincoln unlike any other representation of him. We feel the weight of his thoughts, the pensiveness of his heart, and his stalwart commitment to the ideals of American democracy. The bronze stands an impressive 18 inches tall and is mounted on 5 inch high American black granite base. Total height, approximately 23 inches. Total weight, approximately 75 pounds.

The size and scale reinforce the larger-than-life presence of Lincoln and allows for a stunning presentation of his remarkable facial features.













A bronze cast of the heroic size marble sculpture in Washington, DC is at the Tomb of Lincoln in Springfield, Illinois. The bronze sculptures in this limited edition series are enormously valuable because they are cast from the original portrait done painstakingly by Borglum in plaster. They are not a reduction or a copy of the six ton marble bust that Borglum carved from his original plaster. They are cast directly from the piece that contains all of Gutzon Borglum's inspiration, creativity and artistic judgements. 

For decades, the original plaster portrait was stored in the archives of the Rushmore Borglum Historical Center in Keystone, South Dakota. To commemorate the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln, the Center is allowing temporary use of the original plaster for the creation of 35 bronzes to be made available for purchase by the general public. 

The casting of these bronzes is historic and being done with great deliberation and skill. Each bronze sculpture will be cast exclusively by the official conservators of the Rushmore Borglum Historical Center. Each will be individually poured and finished, and will bear Gutzon Borglum's signature exactly as he signed the original, the edition number, copyright symbol and date. A Certificate of Authenticity and Ownership will be issued by the Rushmore Historical Center for each bronze.