Mount Rushmore

About Us

The Lincoln Portrait bust by Mount Rushmore sculptor Gutzon Borglum is being offered
through Rushmore Borglum Arts in association with the Rushmore Historic Center in Keystone, South Dakota.

Rushmore Borglum Arts is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of Gutzon Borglum sculptures so future generations may come to know and appreciate the magnificent achievements of the great American sculptor.

Rushmore Borglum Arts in association with the Rushmore Historic Center in Keystone, South Dakota is proud to offer the Lincoln Portrait, one of Gutzon Borglum’s most famous sculptures for the first time. This bronze masterpiece will be available in a very limited quantity to the discerning Borglum collector and Lincoln enthusiast.

Cavalier Conservation Sculpture, a Connecticut-based restoration and conservation company, is under the direction of foundry master, Ronald J. Cavalier, the world's leading expert on Borglum sculpture.

"During our distinguished 45 year history, we have restored and conserved more great and priceless 20th century sculpture than anyone in the world." ~ Ronald Cavalier


"Wonderful expertise in restoring such a diversified range of sculpture."
~ Abraham Lerner, Director Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, D.C.

"Maillol would have considered you a true master."
~ Seema Boesky, private collector and author

"For more than 25 years, Cavalier Conservation has been the official conservator of the Rushmore Borglum Historical Center in Keystone, South Dakota.
Their restoration and conservation of Gutzon Borglum's sculpture throughout the country has been continuously superb."
~ Howard Shaff, Director,
Mount Rushmore National Monument

"I am truly amazed by your wonderful restoration of the Joel Perlman
cor-ten steel sculpture here in Stamford. It knocked my socks off !"
~ Tim Curtin, special Assistant to the Mayor, Stamford, CT

"Our many restored public monuments look great. Thank you for all your
excellent work, and for helping to revive Newark's pride in its public art."
~Jim Brown, Director of Parks and Recreation, Newark, NJ

"With great appreciation for your special maintenence-free patina restoration treatment of our 100 bronze busts. It has been a good
number of years now, and they still look their best."
~ Management, Hall of Fame of Great Americans,
The Bronx, New York City

"Cavalier has been our sole restorer of fine antiques for decades.
Unquestionably, they are the masters of the trade."
~ Albert Cohen, President, Saphro Galleries and Bronze Art,
New York City

"Consistently excellent results with every project entrusted to them."
~ Peter Rose, President, Peter Rose Gallery,
New York City